PS3 PSIDPatch V1.6: Deban Your PS3

stoker25 released a new version of its application that lets you view and temporarily patch the unique ID of your PS3 and thus theoretically allowing a PS3 banished to reconnect to the PSN.


- Displays your current PSID
- Displays your current ConsoleID
- Patch a file from the PSID dev_usb / psid.txt
- Patched console ID from a file dev_usb / consoleid.txt
- Patch ConsoleID (line 2) with a random number
- Choice of USB device
- Should you save in PSID dev_usb / orig_psid.txt

The application uses the syscalls peek & poke to patch your PSID. Make sure you use a payload to support the syscalls.


- Install the package
- Start PSIDPatch
- Press CROSS to patch the PSID with a random number, or to patch your ConsoleID SQUARE.

If you prefer using your own PSDI / ConsoleID:
- Create a text file named psid.txt consoleid.txt and the root of your USB device
- Include in this file 32 hexadecimal characters (eg 1234567890ABCDEFFEDCBA0987654321) for the PSID and 64 characters for the ConsoleID.
- Start PSIDPatch
- Select the USB Up / Down
- Press R1 to patch.

Technical note: PSID begins at 0x800000000044A18C memory (3.41) or 0x800000000045218C (3.55) with a length of 16 bytes.

New / fixed:

- It seems that there are 2 additional slots or LV2 is stored in your ConsoleID. This new version also amends.

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