PSP Sepulka v0.7b: Load Plugins for Specified Games

It's been a while since we last heard from homebrew dev C4TurD4Y, but now, he's back on the scene to give us an update of his handy lil' app, Sepulka, a selective plugin loader for your homebrewed PSP.

So what's Sepulka exactly? Well, to quote the dev, "it's able to load plugin only for specified game, no more f*cking with Recovery Menu to enable cheat device for GTA, no more manually enabling m33_620 plugin only for InviZimals and no more wasting time. If Sepulka is properly configured, you won't need launch RM or even VSH Menu for a long time. Why did i mention VSH Menu? Because Sepulka can also automatically change ISO Driver and CPU speed."

Current features of the plugin:

Loading plugins only for specified games.
To describe games u can use id, name (great for noobs) and path (even incomplete! but only one per line).
Macrofire is supported (no 0x8003021 errors).
Boot screen displaying status (if no plugins were loaded - it won't appear).
Automatically changing ISO driver.
Automatically changing CPU speed.
You are able to define custom macros (u can use acronyms for games, ie. u can write "GTA:CW" instead of "Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars".
Last played game (backup or homebrew) is automatically moved at the first place in the XMB.
You can disable bootscreen, logging to file and autosort feautures.
You can place Sepulka on internal memory of PSPgo (ef0:).

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