PS3 BootOS V2.01: Linux Installer

“No, it’s not a new application. We just uploaded a new version of our asbestos installer and decided in the process to give it a new name.

You can grab it here: bootOS v2.01

Quick release notes:

- New name (duh!)

- Hosting problem is solved.


- Delete asbestOS installer, install bootOS and run.

- Launch it from lv2 patcher.

I’ll update later, with more info.”
This seems to be working better than the 2.0 release. Installing Debian as I type this.

Also if you are unsure what you want to tinker with I keep ASbestOS 1.5 and 2.01 on my external drive. Use 1.5 if you wish to try Madshaun1984′s Ubuntu, and 2.01 for Debian. All you have to do is follow instructions for the way to install each and run whatever ASbestOS installer for the correct distro. I basically have a dual boot Linux box.

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