World of Warcraft Coming Soon to IPhone (Video)

All you WOW nerds! be prepared to play the most popular PC game on your iPhone!!

The incredible part to this story comes from the fact that the game is shown to be running on the Vollee client application. Vollee develops software that enables PC game to be played on mobile devices it does so by using the VolleeX engine, which converts the audio and video output into streaming video format. The fact that Vollee is in partnership with Activision Blizzard, Makers of WOW who have announced support for iPhone makes this story even more convincing.

I don't play WOW but I can tell you, if your one on those who sit on your ass all day if front of your computer, this is going to to be one POPULAR game for the phone, especially when you can take it anywhere, anyplace ANYTIME!!!

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