PSP PsPixel V2.0: Create Pixel Art


I present you my Homebrew called PsPixel, it's the second version (the first one was published on on december 2009.)

Of course if I propose the version 2 today it is because I made many modifications. Now let me present you PsPixel :

This Homebrew permit you to make your own pixel art on your PSP.

You can :

-Select your language, french or english
-Change the color, with the selection of the RGB (red, green, blue)
-Save a second color, so you can switch between these two colors quickly
-Look at a "Color page", you have the most used colors with the RGB
-Change a color with another in your pixel art, the color which will change is the "Second color" and the color which will be print is the "First color"
-Save your file in picture/pspixel v2.0 in .png, the directory will be created, you can save as many files as you want
-Select a file to load in picture/pspixel v2.0 (only if it's a .png or .jpg), preview the picture before load it
-Change the size of your "pen", 8/8 or 4/4
-Copy a color in the screen, it will be your new "Second color"

Controls :

-To draw :

R or L + up, down, right, left : change the RGB of the first color
up, down, right, left, analog : move the pen
square : change the size of the pen
circle : put a white pixel on your picture
cross : put a pixel with your first color on your picture
triangle : put a pixel with your second color on your picture
select : copy a color on your picture, it will be your new second color
start : open the menu

-In the menu :

up and down : move the cursor
cross : select
circle : go back

-in the save function :

select the name of your picture (it must be composed of 1 character, not less)
circle/cross (depends of your PSP version (japanese or not)) : go back

-in the load function :

move the cursor with right, down, or analog.
cross : load file (.png, .jpg, .PNG, .JPG)
square : preview the picture
circle : go back

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