PS3 Custom Firmware Center

Use at your Own Risk

How to Install: 
Download CFW of your choice
Create a PS3 Folder and Inside of it an UPDATE folder.
Rename the file PS3UPDAT.PUP
Transfer the File onto Your USB
Go to your PS3 Under Settings/System Update then click from Storage device.


Hermes: LV2 Patches and Payload V4 Included
Rebug: Debug Settings and Dev PSN Access

Kmeaw: LV2 Patches with Peek and Poke Included
Geohot: Allows Install Package Files for Homebrew Games
Waninkoko V1/V2: Allows Homebrew Applications to be Installed
Naima: Installs CA24.Cer to Get Back on PSN
ITA: Used to Enable PSN
Venix Pro: Simple CFW/Peek and Poke
OpenSide: Simple CFW/Peek and Poke
EnVy_AsTrO: PSN 3.60 Spoofer/No LV2 Patches
Rebug: Debug Settings/Access to Dev PSN



If you are a user that is banned from PSN and haven't checked my new post about how to Unban Yourself using someone else's console ID, I recommend installing Custom Firmware and playing some Homebrew Games/"Legal Backups"
You won't be hearing any updates from Geohot.

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