PSP Se7en V1.5: Windows 7 Mini Web Portal

This web portal has a way of working which is a little different from its analogues.

This little gem contains a lot of features:

- A subject very close to Windows 7.
- Protection by a configurable password (default: seven).
- A file explorer that will facilitate access to the memory card.
- Two Flash games created by Maxime500 (thank you to him).
- A reader of Internet Radio.
- An integrated screen shooter to take screenshots at any time.
- Tutorials to customize their portal.
- A mini anti-virus.
- Vermin Fox (mini Firefox: thank you for vermin 35).
- Mini Internet Explorer.
- And messenger.

Installing and Running:

- Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
- Enable the USB connection, usually this is done automatically.
- Extract the files from the archive to the root of your memory stick.
- Exit the USB mode.
- Activate the WLAN on your PSP.
- Configure your WiFi connection if you have not already done so.
- Enable the Flash Player settings in your PSP.
- Go to the tab "internet radio" and choose PSP Se7en, welcome to a mini-Windows 7 for PSP.

Note: The analog stick on your PSP uses mice, while the X button is the confirm button, the L button to cancel and go back.

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