PSVITA TropHAX v0.1 Released

Today developer SilicaAndPina has released a new homebrew named TropHAX v0.1 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
Put trophax.suprx into ux0:tai (or ur0:tai if u prefer)
Edit the config.txt file in that same 'tai' folder
At the bottom of config.txt put *ALL to use it on all games (or u can use a games titleid specifically)
Underneath that put in ux0:tai/trophax.suprx (or ur0:tai/trophax.suprx depending on what ur using)
Reload your henkaku configuration file from HENKAKU SETTINGS
At any time in a game you can press SELECT+START to activate the plugin.
After the plugin is activated you can press L + R to start unlocking trophy (best to do at main menu)
A BLUE SCREEN OF SILICA will appear and start unlocking all trophys.

TropHax by SilicaServer

@SilicaAndPina - Lead Project Manager and Recon
@Pocxki - Idea/Trophy merchant/Lead Tester
@dots-tb - Lead Developer, Slave & Silica Victim
@zecoxao - Former Lead Developer, Free man

further credits: theFlow for amphetamin, frangarcj for oClock

Extreme Testing Team: JustMulti, wosley
Testing Team: Levi

TropHAX should work on about 90% of games.

If you have any problems post them in the issues section

Trophys will sync online. so there is a potential ban risk
use a different account, or simply use offline if you care.

Video Demo:

Download Here

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