PSVITA PSVTools v0.1.0 Released

Today developer kageurufu has released a new homebrew named PSVTools v0.1.0 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
PSVTools is a script written in python that combines three important tools for PSVITA PSV files. These 3 utilities are:

PSVTrim, an application to reduce the size of PSV files, somewhat different than PSVTrimmer. PSVTrimmer requires the .NET framework so it can work reliably on Windows while PSVTrim can run on Linux / MacOS or any other system that has python 2.7 / 3.4 +
PSVExpand, a utility to expand PSV files cut to their original size.
PSVerify, a utility that validates checksum for PSV files.
Files with the .psv extension are nothing more than PSVITA backup encrypted files. They can be found when backed up by your QCQ of your PSVITA or during the dump of the original cartridge games, compared to the ISO files of a CD / DVD because they are not are compressed.

Download Here

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