PS3 MX VS ATV Alive EUR/US Fix for CFW 3.55

MX Vs ATV Alive is a OFW 3.60 game but Sony messed up once again (like always). By installing this simple .pkg you can make it playable on CFW 3.55. This game is considered a black Screen game and when using Multiman you need to press SELECT + X to launch it correctly.

Download is finally up.
Drag onto a USB. Go to Install Package Files Under Game Category.
Install just like any other normal pkg then launch using a Backup Manager
(Multiman is leading best for me)

Usa Version
 Download Here <== Sony Server

EUR Version
This is for EUR BLES-01192 Version

Use the USA patch and Rename your Game folder BLUS01192
Param.SFO Download
This will basically convert your EUR to a USA Game.

Internal is better than External. 
But this can be launched from external. 
It is not a Split (4GB) Game.

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