PSP Krap-PSP V1.09 Released

[Image: 21ew860.jpg]
[!]New looks of menu (forgot the settings menu for now, because its empty)
[!]You can now set auto,idle timers and power saver in menu(press Left or Right+Square to increment/decrement by 10)
[!]Auto update sleep/shut timer when changing the value while it is already running.
[+]Kernel,user,slim memory added in info menu
[+]Screenshot added! yay!
[!]Specify the path for screenshot directory in krap.ini(if not exist Krap folder will automatically created in PICTURES)
[!]Fix bug related to auto shut/sleep timer in info menu
[+]You can now enable/disable LEDS in menu
[+]Ability to enable/disable LEDs when USB cable is plugged(user suggestion)
[+]Manually set PSP brightness
[+]Status text, not much but i include it
[!]Less memory use, and reduce lagggg
[!]You can either choose to save(make default) or leave as it is until the module restart.

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