PS3 Rebug Patch to Boot OtherOS++

This new REBUG release along with of course their already world famous REBUG custom firmware, makes your PS3 now really a true all-in-one powerful blackbox, and guess what you can still play your PS3 GAMES and watch Blu-Ray movies, unlike Sony forcing you to stay on the old v3.15 firmware if you wanted to use your Linux brains, not to mention all those PS3 Slims that never had the Other OS feature, but now can finally enjoy the Linux side of CELL processing thanks to original ground-breaking work by the undisputed master of the PS3 Hypervisor (graf_chokolo)!

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Boot OtherOS++ does what it says. One click easy.

OtherOS Prep Tool is used to prepare your system vflash and install petitboot ready to install Linux.

IT DOES NOT INSTALL LINUX. For tutorials and videos on how to install Linux head over to OtherOS Prep Tool is based off of graf_chokolo’s and glevand’s source and is a one or two step solution to getting petitboot up and running and on your way to installing Linux on to USB or PS3 Hard Disk. At the moment it only supports 3.55 but we will add support for lower firmware soon.

16MB NOR PS3 (Model CECHH or Higher)
3.55 OtherOS++ enabled firmware installed
(If you want to use REBUG 3.55.1 grab PS3MFW Builder 0.2 Portable
from here with the tasks pre-selected to add OtherOS++ support)


One Step Prep if installing OtherOS to USB Hard Disk

Two Step Prep if installing OtherOS to PS3 Hard Disk

Resize vflash to 6 different sizes

(Original, 11GB, 22,GB, 43GB, 65GB and 83GB)

Create or Delete vflash region 5, 6 and 7 separately

Create or Delete ALL vflash regions at once

dtbImage.ps3.bin included in pkg (no need to have it ready on USB)

Install different dtbImage.ps3.bin from USB

Checks that vflash region 7 create matches vflash size

Detects and displays current vflash size on start up

Auto matches new size to current size on start up

Enjoy.. Cyberskunk..

Codename: REBUG would like to thank:
The undisputed Hypervisor Master graf_chokolo and also glevand and

Download Here

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