PS3 CFW 3.55 with 3.61 XMB Spoofer: Confirmed Worthless

The fags over at cursos-games posted this bullshit. Don't get excited. Download Removed for being fake and gay. 
New patch version VT2 kenel (Updated)
New patch version LV1 hypervisor
Identifying startup version of CFW.
New presentation of the XMB.
New XMB Icons.
Protecting your patch for PS3.
Installing plugin signed.
Spoofing to current version 3.61

Modified the dev_flash/vsh/etc/index.dat <==== Any touches to DEV_Flash can cause a Brick. I do not recommend using this. It was made by fake 12 Year Olds Developers.

Do Not Trust anything related to Venix

Download Here

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