PS3 Portal 2 Eboot Fix to Run on CFW 3.55 (Closed)

I have been working on getting Portal 2 to work on CFW 3.55 since their has been NO release of a newer CFW.

Their is No Way of getting the game to play I thought I was close because it would install the game data 100% and then it would quit. 
3.60 Private keys are needed to continue on playing the newer games. I guess this is where the PS3 Scene stops for now.

Update: Duplex has claimed to broken the NPDRM encryption but we will have to see. With the NPDRM keys we could sign the Eboot.BIN to believe it is 3.55.

Update #2: I did manage to find this: Download Here
I am not sure if its working or anything. Tell me what you guys think. 

Update #3: One Click Fix for ALL 3.60 Games might do the trick. Give it a try by checking out this post here

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