PS3 FUSE: Free Unix Spectrum Emulator Port

Here is a version for testing, I'm calling it 'Alpha 1'. There's a lot of features in the emulator, and I'm not all that familiar with the spectrum to even begin testing them all. If you find any issues, or have any ideas for improvement, please post them.

If you are using a USB keyboard post any info about non-working keys (likely on non-US keyboards) and I'll add them to the sdcell key map for future releases.

Please read the Readme.PS3 file in the zip for usage info and known issues.

FUSE: An unofficial Free Unix Spectrum Emulator PS3 Port
Port Homepage:
Fuse Homepage: PS3 Alpha 1

Release Notes:
This is a test release, not all features have been thoroughly tested. Please report any issues and feedback.
Issues should NOT be reported to the FUSE project, this port is unofficial and the fuse team will not be able to provide support.

Install the Fuse package on your jailbroken ps3 using normal means.
Either use FTP to store games on hard drive or place them on a FAT formated USB device.
Games should be either uncompressed, or stored as gzip archives. Zip files are not supported.

To get started press L2 (by default) to open the Fuse menu.

Input Modes:
While running hold L3 or R3 for a brief period to change input modes, modes include joystick, mouse (the default) and keyboard.
While in joystick mode the game pad will act as a typical joystick.
While in keyboard mode the game pad can be used to send key presses as well as re-map the button usage for mouse mode.
While in mouse mode the left stick can be used to move the mouse cursor and buttons can be used to send key presses mapped in keyboard mode.

On Screen Keyboard:
Use the left stick to move the cursor and select keys, press Cross to press the key.
To remap the keys, move the cursor into the upper-right corner and press Cross to toggle Mapping Mode, the button will be shaded green to indicate the mode is active.
Highlight any key on the keyboard and press the game pad button you wish to map to it, an image of the button will appear on the screen to indicate the change.
The changed mappings will be saved and reloaded on the next session.
The key mapping while the Fuse menu is open is fixed and may not be redefined.

During the menu:
The following default controls are mapped while the menu is open, and currently can not be changed.
Dpad: Navigate
L1-R1: Page Up and Page Down
Cross: Select (Enter)
Circle: Cancel (Escape)
Square: Toggle (Space)

When attempting to change a setting, press Square to toggle it, pressing cross will save the settings and exit the menu.
In order to save your changes between sessions be sure to select 'Save' from the options menu.

Physical Keyboards:
A USB keyboard (and mouse if needed) can be attached and used. However sdcell currently lacks key mappings for most keys not found on US keyboards.
If your keyboard has a key that produces no (or incorrect) input please leave an issue about the keyboard type and non-working key and they will be added in later versions.

Download Here CFW VERSION
Download Here Dongle Version

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