PS3 Hugo's House of Horrors DOS Game Port PKG

- PIC1.PNG- Sorry I forgot it

- Inital Release
- Frameskip set to 1
- Minor Walking Issues where he kinda floats along only with the sound on. (press F2 on your keyboard or virtual keyboard to turn it off. It only lasts like 30 seconds anyways)

I am leaving it so users can map their own controller settings.

Description: Hugo's House of Horrors is a computer game released in 1990. Gray Design Associates (GDA) created a parser-based adventure game, reminiscent of the Sierra Entertainment "Quest" games (such as King's Quest and Space Quest) and thematically similar to Maniac Mansion. The game also features tongue-in-cheek comedy.
In the game, the player controls the protagonist, Hugo, who has come to a haunted house to look for his girlfriend Penelope, who hasn't been seen since she went to babysit there. The premise bears similarity to LucasFilm Games' Maniac Mansion, released in 1987, where the main character enters a mansion in order to rescue his girlfriend from a mad scientist.
The player moves Hugo around by using the arrow keys on the keyboard, and controls his actions by entering commands on the keyboard (or, in the later-released Windows version, one can use the mouse).

Id like to Thank:
Robo Hobo for the Excellent Work he is doing keeping the Homebrew Alive.
Mr.GoodFrag for helping me create this.
Cyberskunk for an Excellent CFW aka Rebug.
Lionheartwolf  for the Idea
grandy for seconding the Idea

Download Here for CFW 3.55

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