PS3 Multiman SNES9x Covers_Retro Package (Tutorial)

Dean released a new version of Multiman yesterday and it allowed you to load up covers for SNES9x Roms.
I have put together a tutorial for users who wish to get all the covers loaded.

How to Install:
1) Drag the eMMU.pkg to a USB
2) Install Package Files
3) Launch Multiman (The Icon gets changed unfortunately to some stupid eMMu thing)
4) FTP using the Computer and go to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers_retro/snes
5) Rename the Picture Files to what you have Named your ROMS.
(Example: Super Mario World.SMC is the Rom. Super Mario World.jpeg is the Cover)
6) Refresh List and the Covers will appear.

Download Here

Here is the Folder without having to Install the PKG

Download the Folder
FTP and Drag and Drop it in DEV_HDD0/GAME/BLES80608/Covers_Retro/snes
Close FTP and go into Multiman
Go under Retro Column in XMMB and click refresh
If you renamed the covers exactly to the roms name they should all load up.

To Fix the Icon: Save the ICON0.PNG above and drag it into DEV_HDD0/GAME/BLES80608/ and Replace the Existing one.

If someone requests I will upload the jpeg Pictures folder. (Covers_Retro) so you wouldn't need to install the PKG.

I only had problems with Two games (Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island and Zombies Ate My Neighbors). They weren't loading and I needed to make my own and replace the existing ones.

I was also reading some Dean's Replies to what people would like to see in Multiman and he is looking into including more emulators such as Genesis GX Plus. (Hopefully FBANext because I like classic arcade cabinet games) (The Simpsons 4 Players FTW)

Dean has released 2.00.03 and has pushed it to the Update Feature. Have a Look Here

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