PSP Coldbird Update: 6.35PRO-B6 Online Gaming

The recent, and still ongoing downtime of PSN shows us quite clearly how it would be once the PSP is dead, and possibly no longer supported by Sony.

It motivated me to take a closer look into the whole online gaming affair again.

I realize that I underestimated the work necessary to pull this off… however I got a good basis to work from, so I’m going to do what I usually never do for programming.

Ask for help.

Thus, I am now recruiting PSP Developers to join the PRO-C online gaming development crew (namely me ) to speed up online mode development.

If possible, my future comrade(s) should be skilled in PSP programming and module reversal, C-Programming and Berkeley Sockets.

Most of the work to be done lies in fully reversing the adhoc networking modules and finishing the parts of the Adhoc API that remain incomplete so far in my Adhoc Tunnel Prototype.

So, if you think you are up to the challenge, go ahead.

If you are serious, you will find a way to contact me.

PS. I appreciate every help, so don’t take this as a insult, but please no script kiddies…

Now onto the non-recruiting news. B6.

It has been somewhat silent around us for quite some time, mostly due to reallife affair, school, etc. this streak is still not over, so things will progress slowly.

However, the current internal B6 prototype fixed two very critical bugs, the “High Capacity Storage Bug”, which affected CFW install on 16GB+ storage devices aswell as XMB stage plugins, aswell as a bug in our Inferno Driver, preventing some japanese titles to play properly, overall, B6 feels a lot more complete than B5 did, simply due to its mainstreamed and M33-style CFW behaviour.

Anyway, watch out for us.

Coldbird, over and out.

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