PSP 6.20 Easy DualBoot REV B Released

[Image: HNI_0065.JPG]
Easy 6.20 DualBoot by Rinnegatamante is the first way to use different 6.20 Permanent HENs in a single PSP. It works on all PSP models (1000,2000,3000,N1000) and there isn't any risk of brick. On this version, 6.20 OFW boot isn't yet implemented.

- Main HEN function deleted because it cause conflicts with non-permanent rebootexes
- Changed emergency uninstall buttons (See README for newest buttons)
- Added 6.20 TN-E compatibility
- Made 6.20 TN-D as Main HEN
- Added possibility to remove Dualboot modules from Installer
- Enhanced Fake MS compatibility. Now, if you use a fake MS, you can start TN-D
- Added possibility to use PRO Recovery Menu (See README for buttons)
- Improved installation steps. Now, TN-D extraction isn't necesary
- Improved security system. Now, if you format your MS, you can start TN-D

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