Dev Threatens to release SHatter SRC

In what increasingly appears to be a case of mistaken identity, a Dutch developer has threatened to release the source code of the SHAtter exploit, depriving the jailbreak community of a valuable tool. After the developer of TwitPanic,
, had his site brought down apparently by a DDOS attack, he threatened to release the SHAtter source as some kind of revenge, but has since held off on carrying out the threat.

The story can be traced following @iHaz3's Twitter feed. was crashed by what the developer believed was a DDOS attack set up by @ih8sn0w after he and @iHaz3 had "
." @iHaz3 then
" is attacked by a organized DOSS week SHATTer will be posted on twitter." The jailbreak community reacted with confusion, since SHAtter - an exploit allowing unsigned execution of code in the S5L8930 bottom that could only be defeated by a new hardware design - was developed by pod2g and p0sixninja of the Chronic Dev team, not iH8sn0w. It could be that @iHaz3 was confused because the iH8sn0w hacker he believed responsible for the DDOS had previously provided the SHAtter source to him.

As the day rolled on, @chronic engaged @iHaz3 in conversation and attempted to explain that @iH8sn0w had nothing to do with SHAtter, and so releasing it would do nothing to hurt him while at the same time burning a valuable exploit which has been held in reserve since @geohot came out with limera1n. Eventually, @iHaz3 agreed to a
cooling-off period
, which would expire sometime today, but he has since heard from his hosting company that they
have the identity of the attacker
and are pursuing legal action. So, hopefully, all this will blow over.

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