Antid0te: Upcoming Jailbreak ADDON to Protect Against Malware

Just some minutes ago, we were talking about what's Antid0te, new safer jailbreak tool? And now the Security consultant Stefan Esser give us the correct answer, we have misunderstood #antid0te, which is not a new jailbreak but kind of a plugin.And right now Stefan Esser is right in Korea to take part in Power of Community Security Conference

people obviously misunderstood #antid0te. 1st It is supposed to be an addon/plugin/whatever for existing jailbreaks and not a new jailbreak.

2nd I never promised to release #antid0te on 14th of December.I will do the talk on 14th and will release it somewhen after the conference.

Due to the 40h wasted at the airport without a computer it is more likely that I will release #antid0te on 24th December.

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