6.35TN HEN soon to be Released

"Yeah, yeah… I know it was scheduled for a November release, but when Sony out of left field released PSP firmware 6.35 that changed things a wee bit. Total_Noob was blindsided and now, seeing as 6.35 doesn’t patch the kernel exploit, Total_Noob is porting his hack to that firmware. But now you’re probably thinking, “hey … 6.35 patches the HBL exploit, how are we going to activate Total_Noob’s HEN without it?” Well Total_Noob is said to have more hacks in his backpack. Open a random compartment and what do ya know — it’s another VSH user mode exploit. From user mode to kernel mode we’ll be homebrew enabled to the fullest!

Wololo contacted TN concerning all this and TN simply replied with: “I’ll release HEN for 6.35 with VSH Exploit” Make sense. There is no set date however.

In the end this is good news for people who’ve updated to 6.35 already. And it’s pretty cool if you think about it — you’ll get all the latest firmware features, including Music Unlimited, and hacks, homebrew and plugins!

Oh and before anyone claims TN to be a fake or something silly like that, remember Wololo confirmed 6.20 HEN to be legit. That said it might be wise to keep active on firmware 6.20 until TN does deliver the goods."

[via: PSP-Hacks]

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