PSP Playlist v2.26

Here is the first "Karaoke" for PSP. Its operation is really simple. It has a graphical interface very beautiful and elegant. And it has features that make this a very special player. There are three "modes":
Explorer mode, where we, as the name suggests, explore the Memory Stick in search of any sound file to play.
Player mode. In this mode, you see the song information including the cover and other things.
And finally, karaoke mode, which is where the song will be played at the same time show the lyrics of the song that should be stored in a text file.
Moreover, with 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian. Easily configurable from a file called "conf.mkp" located in the folder "PSPlaylist." So, do you expect to prove it!


{+}Controls have been remapped. Thus enable also songs from the karaoke mode.
{+}Added the ability to forward / rewind the song in the Karaoke mode.
{+}Enhanced stability and fluidity of the application.
{+}If the cover is not in the ID3, instead of being a vacuum as in previous versions, it displays a cover specifically designed for this hombrew.
{+}The graphical interface has been completely renovated. Next to ICON0 and the PIC1.
{+}The credits have been improved graphically.
{+}Improved dynamic homebrew to 100%.
{+}Now, you can switch between the karaoke player and vice versa with the push of a button.
{+}Added 3 languages (English, French and Italian. Conf.mkp Configurable from that folder is the PSPlaylist).
{+}Implemented anti-bug system (If you find any bugs or any exceptions which usually would lead to error, this application is handled by displaying the appropriate message).
{+}Added the ability to read the files. Txt of the lyrics from another folder (Not next to the
respective MP3 as in previous versions). Can not find it. Txt to the specified folder, it will look next to the mp3.

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