PSjailbreak (Jailbreak your PS3 using Motorola Droid/HTC EVO)

Two new Android ports of PSFreedom — one for HTC Evo and the other for Motorola Droid. Your phone must be rooted for this to work. These instructions also assume you know your way around your Android phone. If you don’t, I suggest you educate yourself with Google.
The HTC Evo package is signed – just copy it to your SD card, boot to recovery mode, flash the zip, and boot back so your phone is operational. You know the rest: disconnect the main PS3 power, connect the phone to the PS3, reconnect main power, press power button immediately followed by eject. You should probably do a Nandroid backup prior to flashing. Thank DrMon and H1Vltg3 for this.
For the Droid port – copy boot.img and psfreedom.ko to your SD card. Boot to recovery and via ADB change to the sdcard directory and type:
flash_image boot boot.img
Restart your device normally, run Terminal Emulator and type:
cd /sdcard
insmod psfreedom.ko
Now do the rest with your PS3. Again, I recommend you do a Nandroid backup first. You may experience timing-related issues with this Droid specific port, just try again if that’s the case.
Compiled against 2.6.32 kernel, so make sure your rootfs is from a ROM that uses that kernel. It was tested on CyMod6 but anything from that kernel should work. This port was really done as a collaboration between a bunch of people. Too many to name but if they want a mention let me know and I’ll oblige.
Download: PSFreedom for HTC Evo | PSFreedom for Motorola Droid

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