PSFreedom (Jailbreak PS3 with HTC Hero)

Who likes PSFreedom ports? I bet those who are sportin’ the HTC Hero do, or at least now they will… Thanks to Alephzain you can hack the PS3 with your HTC Hero — both GSM and CDMA versions are working.

A couple notes:

This guide assumes you’re familiar with the “fastboot” tool to flash your device. If you need fastboot, click here.
For CDMA users you’ll need to install this too.
Download the package below and extract it. You’ll have these three files: zImage_gsm, zImage_cdma and psfreedom.ko.

Copy psfreedom.ko to your SD card.
Download Terminal Emulator or ConnectBot from Market.
Turn off your phone and power it back on while holding VOLDOWN. This should get you into the bootloader.
With your phone connected via USB, use fastboot to boot the appropriate zImage, i.e.:
fastboot boot path/to/zImage
Once your phone has booted, open the terminal application and type:
cd /sdcard
insmod psfreedom.ko
Hack your PS3:
Disconnect main power.
Connect phone.
Reconnect main power.
Press the power button, immediately followed by the eject button.
Wait for it… You’re hacked! Enjoy.

Download Here

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