PSP MHU Free Store v1.12

Xenogears’ free MHU homebrew store is shaping up nicely… Now at version 1.12 with more functionality, more homebrew, and less crashes. Remember last time? Well now look:

MHU Free Store v1.12:

Fixed a bug that caused an open crash on some categories.
Fixed a display error that caused wrong information element categories.
Now automatically adjusts the text.
If the text is long, it automatically applies a scroll bar.
Fixed a bug in 7z decompression.
Fixed bugs related to the interface.
Improved interface, now the icons are more widely spaced.
Improved internal and managing databases.
You can now download larger files.
Now the errors are monitored.
Added a system check store status.
Added a system for reporting erroneous elements.
Added category “Top 10″.
Added category “News.”
Download: MHU Free Store v1.12

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