PSP Half Byte Loader R101 Released

How do you play and enjoy homebrew on every PSP model and firmware to date? Enroll in Half Byte Loader 101 and you’ll learn. Your instructor: PSP-Hacks. Textbooks courtesy of Wololo and Co.

Running a firmware <= 6.20? Get the Patapon 2 Demo, the SAVE DATA hack, and HBL R101 for Patapon2.

Running firmware 6.30 or 6.31? Get the UMD or PSN version of Hot Shots Golf (US), Everybody’s Golf (EU), or Minna no Golf (JP), the appropriate SAVE DATA hack, and HBL R101 for your respective game.

Now download all the homebrew and have some fun.

Half Byte Loader R101:

JJS’s patch for perfect syscalls on the golf exploit (improve compatibility, especially on the psp go)
Changed loading address for minna no golf exploit, per J416′s recommendation
Moved some global variables into scratchpad, which should solve firmware detection issues (issue 323)
improves stability on all models

Download Here

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