PSP Daedalus x64 rev 567 (32 Bit)

The DaedalusX64 team has released a new version of their Nintendo 64 emulator project for the PlayStation Portable, DaedalusX64.

Developer's note:

As part of the DaedalusX64 community, you are getting the chance to test out a future possibility for DX64 that may possibly increase speed at the cost of graphic quality. The 32-bit version is the version you have used up to this day, and the 16-bit version is the one that needs just a bit of testing. This is your chance to help out, so please feel free to post your thoughts and findings in this thread. Also if you are satisfied with your decision please vote at the top of the page.

[+] Adaptive audio matches sample rate to frame sync% in advanced menu (tnx Salvy for menu options)
[+] New DMA transfer mode using VFPU
[+] 16bit screen mode as compile option on Config/Release/BuildConfig.h (taken from Kreationz patch)
[~] Minor fixes for Audio

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