Apple announces new iPod nano with multi-touch display

Apple's new iPod nano will have a tiny multi-touch display that allows users to scroll through their music and use features such as FM radio and Nike+.

The new iPod nano, which had been rumored for weeks, was confirmed Wednesday by Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs. He boasted that the new device is almost half as small and half as light as its predecessor.

"It's so small, we're able to put a clip on it too, so it's instantly wearable," he said.

Users can swipe through to choose icons including music playlists, artists and Genius mixes. It also has FM radio, podcasts, and the ability to view photos.

Like on other iOS devices, users can move icons and drag them to different pages. The device also allows users to scroll as they do on the iPhone or iPod touch.

The device includes hard volume buttons, voiceover, Nike+ and a pedometer. It works in 29 languages. Multi-touch input can also be used to rotate the screen.

It will be available in six colors, $149 for the 8GB model, and $169 for the 16GB model.

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