PSFreedom (Jailbreak PS3 with HTC Droid Eris)

Man, I never knew HTC made so many phones… Anyway, one more to add to the library: PSFreedom for HTC Droid Eris. By now I hope you’re familiar with the whole PS3 “jail breaking” process. But if you’re a new reader I’ll break it down for you… Actually it’s straight from PSFreedom ‘cuz whoever wrote it, wrote it oh so well.

Download the file archive and decompress it. You should find boot.img and psfreedom.ko inside.
Copy the psfreedom.ko file to your SD card.
With your phone plugged in with USB, open up a command prompt and enter fastboot boot /path/to/boot.img
Fastboot should say < waiting for device >
Boot the phone to the bootloader menu. Hold the Volume Down button while the phone powers up. You may need to press the send (i.e., green) button to begin the Fastboot process.
The phone should boot back into the Android operating system, now running on the PSFreedom-compatible kernel.
Connect your phone to the PlayStation 3 console. Note that the Eris uses the same USB cable as the PS3 controller.
On the phone, open up a terminal emulator.
Type su and press Enter. This will grant you superuser privileges; the prompt will change from sh-3.2$ to sh-3.2#.
Type insmod /sdcard/psfreedom.ko and press Enter. This will load the PSFreedom kernel module.
Your device is now ready to jailbreak the PS3. Follow the instructions on the Using PSFreedom page.

Download Here

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