Playstation 3 firmware 3.42 patches PsJailbreak

It’s available now via System Update — but, you know — if you want to stay hacked DO NOT UPDATE! I repeat: DO NOT UPDATE. We’ll keep you posted on what’s what. Stay tuned.
Update: Updating to 3.42 (on my non-hacked console) right now…
Update: I can confirm Sony has patched PSGroove/PSJailBreak/PSFreedom… Whatever you fancy — it’s patched. Do not update if you wish to remain hacked. Perhaps a little homebrew can bypass this mandatory update.
Update: Demonchild, has confirmed that Logan5 PS3 Proxy Tool works for bypassing this 3.42 update. Keep the Firmware Update box unchecked. This’ll get you back on PSN, but remember: Sony can detect Backup Manager and whatever other homebrew you run, which can likely result in your console getting banned.
Update: Remember this IP: It works again. Set that as your primary & secondary DNS on your PS3 and you’ll be able to bypass 3.42. Exercise caution — who knows whose watching on the other end. Thanks MaX SLayeR!

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