PSP Custom Firmware 5.03PROME-2

Liquidzigong has released a Prometheus-2 for you PSP-2000 TA088v3 and PSP-3000 users on firmware 5.03. The custom firmware requires you have a 5.03 official firmware on your PSP-2000 or PSP-3000 in order to run ChickHEN or MHUSpeed. This new Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 will run all the latest 6.30 games. This is without any special patching. As Liquidzigong puts it, think of this as a an unofficial CFW 5.03 GEN-D
Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 changelog:
Support more new games to support future encryption 6.30 Firmware Games

Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus Installation:
1. Install and run ChickHEN or MHUSpeed
2. Install Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C
3. Extract the files in the Prometheus 5:03 to PSP / GAME
4. Start the installer 5.3 Prometheus
5. Install the 5.3 Prometheus by pressing X
Oh course we also have our All-in-One installers that will get you to 5.03 GEN-C, they include chickHEN, 5.03 GEN-C
Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this yet, since I no longer own a PSP-3000 or a PSP-2000 with a TA088v3. We take no responsibility if you somehow manage to brick your PSP.

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