PS3 Snes9X Ported: Super Nintendo Emulator

Developer eiz has ported SNES9X — a Super Nintendo Emulator — to the PS3. It’s a very early port so don’t expect too much. For example (from the README):

Lots of snes9x features are not supported yet. No save states, for example. Most of these are really simple to implement.
Sound code is rubbish. It more or less works, but you’ll probably hear the occasional skip.
Performance isn’t great.
UI. Or rather, there isn’t one.

Copy your SNES ROMS to the root directory of your USB device, and then start Snes9x with the device attached to your PS3. Note: you’ll need to plug the device into the USB port nearest the eject & power button, the 1st port from the right, otherwise Snes9x will not find any roms. That’ll probably change in future versions.

After playing a few roms I gotta say, performance is pretty damn good. Props, eiz. Nice work.

Update: The download has been updated with a newly compiled version fresh from eiz’s github repository. This version allows you to select a rom directory, instead of defaulting to dev_usb000.

Download Here

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