W.I.P. AsbestOS – A Linux Bootloader for PS3 Firmware 3.41

Developer marcan42 has been hacking away at a custom bootloader — cleverly named AsbestOS — for booting & loading Linux on PS3 firmware 3.41 (it works on a Slim too). Tweeted are a few updates concerning AsbestOS’ current status:

Wasted like an hour debugging a bootwrapper that was working perfectly, except noone documents this stuff. dtbImage.ps3 != zImage.ps3
I bet you’ve never seen a Linux kernel say this: [ 0.000000] PS3 firmware version 3.4.1
http://is.gd/fBv7U It’s alive! Mostly, anyway.
Confirmed that it works (to the same extent) on the Slim too :)
http://is.gd/fCfzu working a bit better now
As you can see it’s coming along… The only caveat: The device in which you’re using to hack your PS3 — that device needs at least 64K of programmable flash memory.

Those Teensy++ 2.0 boards we gave away pack 128K — so you’re all good.

AVR development boards with 32K (or less), if you know what you’re doing, you can solder a larger EERPOM/Flash chip and use that.

Anyone using devices like iPhone or iPod, TI-84+, Dingoo, or whatever — you’re all right — all systems go.

People who’ve purchased PS JailBreak or similar clones — you’re likely shit out of luck — sorry.

We’ll keep you posted. Follow marcan42 for more timely updates.

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