PSP Half Byte Loader R100

Wololo and Co. just unveiled Half Byte Loader (HBL) R100. That means homebrew on firmware 5.03 to 6.20 by way of the Patapon 2 Demo, and for those who’ve upgraded to 6.30 or 6.31 for whatever reason, you can now enjoy homebrew using Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee — the PSN or UMD version.
A few caveats with homebrew on OFW 6.30/6.31 though… Wololo notes HBL is not as stable for Hot Shots Golf as it is for the Patapon 2 demo: the homebrew menu may not appear first try, some emulators won’t run at full speed, etc. If you wish to help out, head to the source, download the dev. build and report bugs over at

If you’re sporting the EU version of Hot Shots Golf and HBL constantly returns you to the XMB, a possible solution is the following:

1. Rename the folder hbl/libs_6xx to hbl/libs
2. Rename the file hbl/config/imports.config_6xx to hbl/config/imports.config
3. Try again.

If you’re a new reader: HBL runs in user-mode space, not kernel, which means no custom firmware. Maybe one day one thing will lead to another and those doors will be axed open. Till then, happy homebrewin’.

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