PSP CFW 5.00 Promethesus-2

Liquidzigong hasn’t forgotten about you 5.00 M33 users that were asking for a 5.00 M33 Prometheus-2 release. I know a few of you were asking in the comments of the 5.50 Prometheus-2 post, well here it is Custom Firmware 5.00 Prometheus-2. It lets you run the latest 6.20 games plus new 6.30 OFW required releases on 5.00 M33. Just run the installer from PSP/GAME/ and hit X, your 5.00 M33 installation is now set to run 6.30 OFW games. Enjoy! Liquidzigong comments, “Think of it as an unofficial Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6″

Download Here

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