Nintendo Releases Firmware V1.4.1

Occasionally Nintendo will release updates to the existing Nintendo DSi Menu, or enhancements to other system features. This page lists many of those updates, with a brief description of their benefits, and when the updates were made available. Of course when you download the latest Nintendo DSi Menu Update, you get all of the previous menu enhancements included. Enhancements to specific features may require you to re-download that feature again to access the updated version.

Nintendo DSi Menu Ver 1.4.1U
This update provides behind-the-scenes improvements to system performance

DO NOT UPDATE DSi FIRMWARE to 1.4.1, IT WILL BLOCK the listed Flashcards

Known Blocked Flashcards
Acekard 2i
Supercard DSTwo
M3i Zero
R4i Gold

Unblocked Flashcards
EZ-Flash Vi
iSmart DS
Hyper R4i

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