IPA God- Free Appstore/Cydia app without Jailbreaking

Here’s the deal. A few people from iModZone are developing an application called “IPA God”. We have some exclusive screenshots after the jump. Basically, this app, distributed via ad-hoc, will be able to install cracked applications on a non-jailbroken device running iOS 4.0 or later. How does it work? We have some details, as well as info on who to blame.

This method has been confirmed by chpwn on IRC and has sort of been pondered by ih8sn0w. According to chpwn, Apple, in 4.0, had added “this thing”, and it lets you create certain files on the filesystem. Once hackers found out about that, people have been doing crazy things. It works similarly to how AppSync works. The scary part? It works. People who happen to have “IPA God” confirm that it does work as intended. chpwn also believes that it may be a left over from some testing that Apple had done.

So who’s to blame? Apple. They seem to be forgetting a lot of little things when it comes to security. Because of this, people will be able to install cracked applications without even being jailbroken. People will be paying the developers of “IPA God” a bit of money to get their UDID registered so that they can install this app onto their device.

A lot of app store developers are against jailbreaking, because you can effortlessly install their applications for free. Now, you can do the same thing without even being jailbroken.

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