PSP DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 564 (16 bit)

Thanks to the input of the community, the DaedalusX64 team has now chosen the 16-bit version of DaedalusX64 as their default build from now on because of the reported speed up and compatibility improvements. But just in case you still prefer the old one, a 32 bit version of the Nintendo 64 emulator project for the PlayStation Portable is also available for your downloading pleasure.


Revision 569
[~] Fixed build
Revision 568
[!] Define DAEDALUS_SCRN_16BIT (By default 16bit screen mode is enabled now) (small speed up)
[+] Implemented fog (Salvy/Corn) [Experimental!!, can be enabled in advance options, Mario 64 and Starfox confirmed to be working)
[!] Refactor osEepStatus
[!] Simplify SETVOL
[!] Rewrote DmemMove to use memcpy instead of bytecopies
[~] Moved fastmemcpy to it's own file, also added big endian version (corn)
Download Here

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