PSP MHU Free Store V1.11

Xenogears has just released MHU Free Store v1.11. As the title of the app suggests, its adds a free homebrew store via the wireless of your PSP. Where you can download homebrew games, apps and lots more. This release fixes the bugged 1.10 release from last week. Which I didn’t post after testing as I couldn’t get it to work! This however is worth posting.

MHU Free Store

MHU Free Store v1.11 changelog:

- Fixed a bug that caused a crasheo to exit the program.
- Fixed a bug that crashed into some users to download items.
- Fixed a bug that caused a restart crash.
- Fixed a bug with the symbol “.
- Fixed some errors relating to the animation of movement of the submenus.
- Fixed a bug relating to the suspend system.
- Added option to change the background color.

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