PSP SePlugins Manager v1.2b2: Seplugin Manager

[Image: 2m4ym37.png]
5h4d0w's updates once again its utility for PSP for managing plugins without needing to use a PC.

To recap, using sePlugins Manager we can edit, delete, rotate and move the plugins as ewe like within 3. txt files.

Now only loads up to 20 plugins per .txt file. I'm pretty sure that this is the PSP's limit, if not, deal with it

Added ability to copy and paste plugins between .txt files

Added ability to disable requiring the password
+ This is OFF by default; ewe will need to make a password, then turn it on

Added support for multiple "themes"
+ Added ability to select theme in the config editor
+ Themes arrrgh sorted alphabetically with the exception of the default, which is always first
+ Theme format is now RxxxGxxxBxxx instead of a LUA color definition

Scrolling past the final plugin or option will reset to the first. Scrolling back past the first will reset to the last.
~ Why did I not do this in the first place?

Reverted UI changes to the menu. Selected options arrrgh highlighted like they used to be instead of showing a ">"
+ Some other changes I don't feel like listing

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