PS3 PrBoom V2.0.5 R1 Released by Robo Hobo

So it seems Robo Hobo has been doing a lot of work in the PS3 scene as of late. His latest project is PrBoom, which is a port of Doom. He has been able to bring it to the PS3. This is fairly new so there will be a lot of issues coming along with it, though they mostly rest in configuring. It is suppose to be able to run quite smoothly. Features such as saving, loading, music, and minimally tested net play are included as well.

Post by Robo Hobo:

Here is the first release of PrBoom for the playstation 3. I've pasted the readme below. This release isn't without it's issues, though they mostly rest in configuring. Game play should be quite smooth, most features you would expect are implemented (eg saving, loading, music, minimally tested netplay). Any comments on how you would like to see this improved are welcomed.


PrBoom PS3 Port
Homepage: sdcell - Unofficial port of libSDL to ps3 gameos - Google Project Hosting

Release Notes:
To access the On Screen Keyboard, press R3 until you are in mouse mode. Now press L3 to toggle the on screen keyboard.
Navigating the games menus in joystick mode may be difficult. If you have trouble press R3 to enter mouse/keyboard mode. Press R3 again to return to Joystick mode when returning to the game.
It is possible to change the underscan and aspect correction settings. Enter soft-keyboard mode, and move the cursor above the numlock key and divide key on the key pad. Press the Cross Button to cycle the settings. They will be saved for the next time PrBOOM is launched.
It is possible to map all joystick buttons (except L3 R3 Cross and Square) to a keyboard key. On the on screen keyboard, highlight the key you want to map, hold Square, and press the button you want to map there. Currently this is not supported for modifier keys. Now in keyboard or mouse mode pressing that button will act as if you had pressed the key.

Install the PrBOOM package on your jailbroken ps3 using normal means. Once installed use FTP to copy supported Doom wads to '/dev_hdd0/game/HBDM90000/USRDIR/wad'. When copying ensure that the filename of the wad is in all lowercase letters (eg 'doom.wad', not 'DOOM.WAD').

When starting PrBOOM SDL will be in joystick mode.
The default controls are:
Fire: R2
Run: Circle
Use: Cross
Cross: Use
Dpad Left: Cycle weapons
Dpad Right: Cycle weapons
R1 + L1: Strafe
Start: Open Menu
Select: Open Auto Map
Dpad Down: Turn 180 degrees immediately

The first page of the input configuration menu displays and allows you to remap any control that can have a joystick control set to it.

Playing with a USB keyboard is supported, however you may need to remap any buttons on modifier keys (Alt, Shift, and Control).

The soft mouse can be accessed by pressing R3 during play, press R3 again to return to Joystick mode. An icon will appear in the corner of the screen indicating the change. The On Screen Keyboard can be toggled by pressing L3 in Mouse Mode.

Command Line Options:
You can pass arbitrary command line arguments to prboom by typing them in at the loader. Upon typing the first character the on screen keyboard will popup showing the arguments in the caption at the top of the screen. Some examples would be:

-net ipaddress: port: To start a network game
-warp 2 8: to warp to episode 2 map 8 in doom 1

Due to a deficiency in sdcell command lines must by typed with a physical keyboard.

Known Issues:
Navigating the menus in joystick mode may cause buttons to be repeated rapidly.
There may be an occasional hiccup in gameplay when new sections of levels are loaded.

Note: These packages are in the 20 MB area due to including the data necessary to play music.

Download Here Dongle Version

Here are some Wads for You Users Exclusively for
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Download Registered Doom.wad
Download Registered Doom 2.wad
Download Registered TNT.wad
Download Registered Plutonia.wad

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