PSP 3D Roll V1.3D: Protect Your Balls Homebrew Game


Quote(Chimecho) :
"Hi!, let me introduce you my entry to the genesis compo, an awesome game named 3D Roll,
This game has a really simple objective, It's all about a tiny ball falling off until it get stopped uppon some ascending bars, but... it is not as easy as it look's like, since some of the bars have spikes on them that will make your ball explode and loose life points, also, the roof itself is falling down and is covered with spikes, and if it touch the ball it will also make you loose life's."

Game Controls:

In the intro(?):
D-PAD: Move the ball(?)

In the menu:
D-PAD: Move through menu
X: Select

In the score List:
D-PAD Up/Down: Move trough the list
O: Go back to menu

On the Game:
D-PAD Left/Right or Square/Circle: Move the ball
D-PAD Up/Down or Triangle/Cross: Move the ball(?)
Start: Pause game

In the pause menu:
D-PAD Up/Down: Choose options
X: Select

On The keyboard:
D-PAD: Choose character
X: Place character
Start: Confirm and save your score

Hope you enjoy it ^^,

v1.3D: Today, I woke up creative xD, so I have changed the Music On/Off option from the menu with a more interesting one , but that option still remains in the pause menu.

Note: Downloads updated, splash changed (thanks for the new splash, it looks great ), and corrected a little mistake with the 3º option (2/3 Axis)

Download Here: Signed for OFW
Download Here: Unsigned for CFW

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