PSP Homebrew Signing Tools

Developers and random users have been signing Homebrew Application and games for OFW after the keys were found and posted. This is a pack of three programs (PSP Easy Homebrew Signer.exe), (PSCrypter V2.0 to be ran on the PSP Limited to 4MB Eboot) and (EasyPBPRX_1.0.0.3 english Limited to 8MB Eboot). Signing means that it will have verified boot and will load no matter what firmware you are on.

How it was found:
[07:47] < @Mathieulh> they are inside an isolated module
[07:47] Mathieulh, what file is the updater ?
[07:47] < @Mathieulh> which is inside a sprx
[07:48] plz
[07:48] what do u need them for? rofl
[07:48] its psp
[07:48] < @Mathieulh> DarkHack it’s inside pip
[07:48] not ps3
[07:48] < @Mathieulh> pup *
[07:48] kirk= The hardware crypto engine responsible for almost all aspects of the PSP’s security, including decryption of eboots & prx’s, savefile and adhoc encryption, and idstorage verification. Named after Captain Kirk of Star Trek.
[07:48] < @Mathieulh> ra you can sign psp apps
[07:48] even if he releases them there is no point
[07:48] which file ?
[07:48] < @Mathieulh> well “sign” xD
[07:48] < @Mathieulh> cause the signature is hmac-md5
[07:48] < @Mathieulh> while the encryption is AES128CTR
[07:49] Mathieulh, which file in the pup is the updater ?
[07:49] Mathieulh, just one question, how did you decrypt the sprx
[07:49] < @Mathieulh> darkhacke seriously…. it’s the only fucking self in there
[07:49] < @Mathieulh> cooled_ I decrypted appldr
[07:50] like lv2_kernel.self icon razz Mathieulh Has Found The PSP Master Keys In PS3!
[07:50] i think its time this room became +m for 5 mins hahahaha
[07:50] < +jas0nuk> Mathieulh, start talking in french
[07:50] < @Mathieulh> (actually I pwned and dumped it first since I released the keys already)
[07:50] < @Mathieulh> then I looked for the keys
[07:50] ra, break kirk means that you can sign homebrew in user mode.. nothing of kernel mode…
[07:50] < @Mathieulh> grabbed them all
[07:50] no need be rude Mathieulh ):
[07:50] < @Mathieulh> used the one I needed to decrypt the sprx I knew had nice shit in
[07:50] and over 6.XX it’s easyly recokable
[07:50] < @Mathieulh> then I extracted the isolated module from it
[07:50] < @Mathieulh> then I decrypted/pwned isoldr
[07:50] < @Mathieulh> grabbed key
[07:51] < @Mathieulh> then decrypted the isolated module
[07:51] == Indy_ [] has joined #ps3dev
[07:51] < @Mathieulh> then I had all the keys + algos there
[07:51] == HiBit [] has joined #ps3dev
[07:51] < @Mathieulh> tadaa !

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