PSP Cheat Enabler V1.3 Released By TeamSOS

We are releasing v1.3 of the PS3 CHEAT ENABLER today and has some new features, bug fixes etc. You'll get to know soon enough. Anyway the main feature of this update is the ability to make CHEAT PKGs. Yes people, you saw that right, PKG creation is in the house now!! So you can finally cheat on non-backed up games and this also applies for backed up games too.

-Added ability of Cheat Pkg creation
-Added ability of reading from both param.sfo files and encrypted eboots of games for the contentID (increases game compatibility with patches and updates, You still use the disc eboot to create the cheat pkg, of course, but you can also give it the npdrm eboot its replacing and it will match its information for increase compatibility)
-Bug Fixes
-PS3 keys folder check added (If the folder cannot be found, the application will shutdown instantly)
-Cheat Database Updated, added few more games and updated some games with more cheats.

Well, guess thats it! Hope you have a blast!

Download Link- PS3 Cheat Enabler v1.3

This application requires a set of decryption keys to unself the EBOOT.BIN file. All you have to do is download the ps3 keys and place them in your user folder. On Windows 7 that's in:

PS3 Keys Download Link- PS3 Keys

REMINDER: This application is for entertainment purposes only, it is NOT intended for online cheating, if you use this application for cheating online the consequences will be fatal, or in laymens words- BANNED. What happens to you online while using these cheats is not our fault, and we will not be held responsible for your actions.

TEAMSOS, "We are more silent than the night and more deadly than the Dawn!"

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