PS3 Showtime Media Player v2.99.284: Bug Fixes

Andreas has updated a new version of Showtime Media Player for PS3 with some major bug fixes. 
* ps3: Fix video bitrate calculation when using SPU decoder
* Fix bitmapped subtitle formats (VOBSUB) on bigendian (such as PS3) systems.
* Fix scanning of SRT subtitles
webdavclient: Strip ‘http://host’ in webdav responses before parsing.
* linux: Prefer openssl over libssl
* ps3: Use system fonts (Latin, Japanese, Korean, Chinese) so lots of more characters should work now
subtitles: Autodetect encoding of SRT files
* ps3: Fix seeking bugs when playing with cell acceleration
* ps3: Force cell decoder into level 4.2 even if content is 5.x
* Add support for all ISO 8859 character encodings and make it configurable in Language -> Settings which default character encoding to use for SRT files.

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