PSP ISO Tool v1.974: Decrypt EBOOT.Bin, Repack, Convert to CSO

* 1.974
[BUG] fake_np Fixed a bug where the converted file creation
[NEW] fake_np v9 implement the same functionality (PSN purchased software / data can be used as any of the original trial. archives not available)
[NEW] With the above menu △ “fake_np Data Conversion”for deleting temporary
* The maximum size depends on the ISO can convert raw data
[NEW] fake_np starts when the converted data errors, since they are removed the license file
License files during the conversion. / data / fake_np / license / Back to
Also, if you are backing up in the state recovers the deleted
(Even if you cancel the conversion, backup / recovery is done so,
If you can not start because there is no software license file is converted, the conversion check “No” if you choose
The license file can be restored only)

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