PSP PowerFlashLite V1.8

The plugin has been develops on a PSP Slim & Lite 2004, tested 5.00 M33-6, 5.50GEN-D3 and 6.20 TN-D.
Also its tested on 6.35 Pro (thanks to "RUSTII" & "Ragin Raiden")
and on PSP Phat(5.00M33-4) Thanks to "belzebub" ( for testing.
what is this plugin?

-Flashlight on XMB
-Pixel-Fixer on XMB
-Button-Tester on XMB
-LED 's on / off (Power,MS,WLAN)
-Display on / off
-Display-Brightness-level min/max
-AntiUser Mode ! Shock your friends :D (A fake "Blue Screen" after few seconds, with shutdown or back to XMB.Look at config.)
-PSP shutdown (LEDs blimk one times)
-PSP Coldreset (LEDs blink two times)
-PSP Restart VSH (for HEN user (LEDs blink three times))

You can run this Plugin without Confogfile(PFLconfig.txt)
DefaultControl (without Confogfile)

LTRIGGER+UP = Flashlight on/off
LTRIGGER+RIGHT = Pixel-Fixer on/off
LTRIGGER+DOWN = Button-Tester on/off
LTRIGGER+SQUARE = Change Button-Tester-Color background
LTRIGGER+CIRCLE = Change Button-Tester-Color text
RTRIGGER+UP = Display on/off
RTRIGGER+LEFT = Brightness min
RTRIGGER+RIGHT = Brightness max
RTRIGGER+DOWN = AntiUser Mode with shutdown (disable in PFLconfig.txt)
HOME+UP = PSP ColdReset
HOME+DOWN = PSP Shutdown

Or you define/disable any option in the Configfile.
For mor Information look at "PFLconfig.txt"


Copy PowerFlashLight+.prx to "ms0:/seplugins/PowerFlashLight+.prx"
Open the "vsh.txt" (if not available, create new) and add following line:

ms0:/seplugins/PowerFlashLight+.prx 1

For custom key-combo or disable any options, copy "PFLconfig.txt"
to "ms0:/seplugins/PFLconfig.txt"

Restart your PSP.

Add AntiUser-Mode
Add AntiUserShutdown to config
Add autoAntiUser to config

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