PSP TempAR V1.62-2: Action Reply Cheats

[Image: d0e9cec0.png]
+] Changed default menu key to HOME + RTRIGGER (the same as the official PSPAR).
[+] No longer need to press HOME twice to start using TempAR. Home menu is also
restored to its default appearance when the cheat menu is closed.
[!] Fixed a off by one error with the toggling of cheats in a radio folder.
[!] Fixed a bug with the CWCheat multi-write pointer code type.
[!] Fixed some bugs where codes where not disabled correctly with tempar_autooff.prx.
[!] Fixed single character Japanese text not being loaded correctly for text viewer/
[!] Fixed blue screen on resume if menu was open when the PSP went into standby
mode on 6.20+.
[!] Other minor bug fixes and changes.
[?] tempar_autooff.prx is now based off of tempar_lite.prx which has some features
removed to help reduce memory usage.

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