PSP NPloader V0.6: NoDRM Seplugin

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This plugin allows direct reading and loading of DLC (EDATA/PGD/SPRX) files in their decrypted form, so you don't need to reactivate your account and/or switch between them while using your purchased DLC from different regions. You can mix decrypted/encrypted files without problem too, the plugin takes care of that.

Added all the incarnations of the Prometheus loader to the module blacklist
so the plugin doesn't make the mistake of hooking to those. This fix will
ensure that the plugin will work with different patched versions of the games.
A proper fix (removing the blacklist and identify the game module properly)
is gonna to be included in a future release.

Copy the plugin in the seplugins folder and enable it in game.txt using the following
line: ms0:/seplugins/nploader.prx 1

Known issues:
* Do not mix with the noDRM implementation of Pro CFW. If you are using one of them then disable the other.
* If you have user-mode plugins and/or plugins that launch user-mode plugins (xlinkaid/xlinkaiduser as example) make sure that those are loaded before nploader (you can do this changing the order of the plugins in game.txt)

How i can decrypt my EDATA/SPRX files?
Do it yourself, isn't that hard. Besides, there aren't any public DLC decrypters yet.
This plugin allows me to use encrypted DLC files from another PSP?
No, while the files remain encrypted they are tied to the account and device that downloaded the file. The plugin only loads data, it can't decrpyt it.

Download Here

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